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Saluman Alexander S. Hunziker’s Videos

Why I Do what i do

It was a decision from my heart

It was my heart’s decision that made me shift my professional activities from computer science to the field of consciousness work, energy work, feng shui, etc. I have succeeded in incorporating my work in everyday life and in the business world. This proved how much easier everything is when you learn to listen to your heart. For this reason, I also presently call myself an entrepreneur with a heart.

Everyone should be able to benefit from it

It has not been a question of making a profit out of any situation. What matters is the fact that companies and their workers, as well as their customers all profit together from what has been achieved.

Rediscovering ancient knowledge

Thanks to quantum theory, the beginning and the end have found each other again. It was necessary to forget the ancient teachings, in order to rediscover their truths from a different angle.

What I Offer:

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Reviews from our satisfied participants

“The fact that a mere 4 hours could open so many opportunities for me to be able to do so much good for myself, my dear ones and my surroundings proved how powerful we humans actually are. ” Ruth P.

“I learned more and was opened to many more possibilities in just short 4 hours compared to some other multi-day seminars.” Peter K.

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