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Alexander S. Hunziker

I grew up in Switzerland, Spain and Germany. After completing the Ecole supérieure de Commerce in Neuchâtel, I spent a long time in the USA and had my first professional experience in computer science there.

I took the classical career path back in Switzerland for 18 years in computer science and was promoted from division manager to  project manager. My clients included companies such as Fides, Novartis, Swiss Air, Air New Zealand, Delta, Aeromexico, The Swiss Alcohol Board, The Zurich City Administration and hospitals of various canton of Switzerland, as well as the canton of Neuchâtel.

Parallel to my work in the field of computer science, I have been studying and developing constantly on intellectual issues, energy work, personal development, etc. I questioned myself why has the modern western world lost its respect for the great teachings, such as the Vedas and the old Feng-Shui masters. My question was finally answered by Max Planck, a Nobel Prize winner and the founder of the quantum theory. He said the following:

“For the believer, God is the beginning. For the scientist, God is the end of all his considerations.”

Thanks to quantum theory, the beginning and the end have found each other again. It was necessary to forget the old teachings, in order to rediscover their truths from a different angle.

It was my heart’s decision that made me not only work in the field of computer science, but also to engage in consciousness work, energy work and Feng-Shui. I have succeeded in incorporating my work in everyday life and in the business world. This proved how much easier everything is when you learn to listen to your heart. For this reason, I also presently call myself an entrepreneur with a heart.