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The Salts And The Golden Age

Since 2013, the polarities have been significantly strengthened once again. This means that every human being, whether conscious or unconscious, is challenged by all his obstacles. There are many more frictions, but they all ultimately lead to consciousness and unity.

Everyone has to make a choice, even those who have already walked down a spiritual path. We either leave what binds us, live as we are and choose love, or we are forced to start again from the beginning, thus, experiencing rebirth. There is no other way in between. The earth wants to carry out its transformation.
So much light flooded to the earth in the year of 2013 as never before. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to cope with this enormous flood of light.

The energetic salts are an optimal support for this light body process and they give us support so we can live with our light and believe in it.