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Energetic Feng Shui

Alpha CHI • Energetic Feng Shui • Wellness for the body, mind and soul • Stability, success and harmony for business

The word “energy” is currently on everyone’s lips. Modern science has come to know that everything, even the invisible particles, that exists and surrounds us are all pure energy. We talk about “energy” in many things, such as sports. Our life revolves around energy. With the help of technical equipment, energy is usually measurable. We are constantly using the word “energy”, for example:

“Unbelievable, do you feel the energy of this waterfall?”
“The energy that emanates from this person is incredible.”
“This place has a miserable energy”

Interestingly enough, energy cannot really be technically measured. Nonetheless, we know – and so do our bodies as well- that it is the feeling of a positive or negative energy that leads us to make such statements.

Most of us are unaware that the human body is actually a 100% reliable measuring instrument for energies. The body always knows whether it feels comfortable or not.
It has become increasingly difficult for us humans to properly understand or perceive the natural signals of our body while living in an overstimulated environment. We tend to ignore certain trivial discomfort that we encounter in the course of our day. It usually gets lost in the flood of other information and stimuli that overwhelm us. However, if the feeling of discomfort becomes unbearable, we quickly get over-excited, angry or sad. We then turn to the solution to overload ourselves with even more with external stimuli. As a result, the body, or the soul usually gets damage, which leads to the outbreak of various diseases.

This fact is not new to us; therefore we try to stay healthy by being active, spending time in the nature, going on vacations, eating healthy food, etc. However, the question is why do we still get sick?

As science has proven, every solid object, due to its size, mass and texture has a measurable energy field. What we feel but usually are not fully aware of is that humans or living beings in general have an energy field as well. We can feel how our energy field reacts when we meet someone who particularly attracts or repels us. For instance, the unpleasant energy that you feel when you are in an elevator with someone you dislike or when someone is too close to your personal energy field. We are able to feel all these energies. Some people have such negative energy field that one could become really angry if one were to stay close too long to this negative energy field.

The human energy field is a highly sensitive system that reacts immediately to outside influences. Even if we do not suffer from a brief negative encounter in the elevator, it is important to know that if we spend multiple hours every day surrounded by disturbed energy fields, it will eventually cause an extremely negative effect on our health, vitality and general well-being. Constant tiredness, sleep disturbances, illnesses, allergies, over-stimulation, dissatisfaction etc. are only a few symptoms that might occur if surrounded by negative energy fields.
Our office or living rooms are made of different materials such as concrete, metal, glass, wood, plaster, paint, etc. In addition, the walls and floors contain various types of power systems, water, heating and ventilation pipes. We fill these rooms with so many electrical appliances and that leads to electromagnetic “smog” which is usually measurable and noticeable. As if that were not enough, we are also surrounded by cell phone radiation, microwaves, radio networks and other high-frequency radiation sources.
It should be noted as well that geological conditions of a location can also have a major impact on the energy field of a room. We know that e.g. an earth dislocation or running water under a house can cause negative effect on the health of living beings. As we can see, countless factors influence the energetic field of a room or a building. All of these factors will permanently affect the highly sensitive energy field of a person.

The goal of the energetic Alpha CHI Feng Shuis is to harmonize all these factors in a way that people can feel comfortable in their living and working spaces and that these rooms become rooms for LIVING again.

The energetic Alpha Chi Feng Shui is especially interesting for companies because a harmonized environment can positively influence the business results. In business premises, an “atmosphere” for solution-oriented discussions and actions will automatically arise. If a working space no longer sucks the energy out of the working person, but supplies him with positive energy instead, not only the effectiveness and quality of his work will improve significantly, but the cooperation among other employees will improve as well. Department stores, restaurants, hotels, doctors’ surgeries, banks or other businesses that depend on casual customers can provide their customers with a harmonized environment that attracts them energetically. As previously mentioned, the human body knows exactly where it feels comfortable and welcomed.

The successful results of rooms treated by ENERGETIC FENG-SHUI are evident. You will see improvement on upcoming budgets, business successes or a healthy and better family life.