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You will find some reviews from our clients on this page.


Here is a summary of our coaching sessions:

  1. Everything works directly and immediately. No extra work after the sessions or lap of honors needed!
  2.  We guarantee discretion and the preservation of your personal dignity.
  3.  I’m suddenly doing things that I’ve been avoiding for weeks and months.
  4.  I haven’t been feeling this well in years!


Personal Life / Relationships

“It was the end of June when we changed my mindset of “no one wants to help me” into “I deserve to be helped anytime, anywhere.”
I was confronted with an intensive spiritual task and was deeply affected during the beginning of July. Once I overcame the first shock, help came flowing in from everywhere … Thanks to much help from everyone, a seemingly unsolvable task was solved in less than a month.
We also transformed my negative belief, “I can never be happy again,” into “I feel happiness anytime, anywhere” around the same time of the happening stated above. I was playing with my two young children in a public playground the following day and I must say, we have never laughed so much or been this happy before. For the first time in many years, my laughter came directly from the heart. The feeling was enormously liberating.”

Manuela K. IT-Fachfrau

“The money keeps flowing in, and even though I seem to be in a financially hopeless situation from the outside, I always end up having enough money to meet all my obligations. Isn’t that awesome?! My new belief is: “I always have enough money, money will flow to me”.
After solving my curses and problems, my neighbors, who were a constant bother, left me IMMEDIATELY in peace, absolutely IMMEDIATELY, and are still doing so. No trespassing, no more verbal arguments, no more threats. All became quiet and this relieves me immensely.”

Susanne K. Hausfrau

“I have suffered from anxiety for 20 years. After 2 PSYCH-K® sessions, they vanished immediately.”

Rolf B. Verkäufer

“My relationship with people has changed completely. After just 1 session, I realize that people are reacting and approaching me in a different way.”

Karin S. Hausfrau




“I was still not successful even after attending countless sales seminars. Ever since I reprogrammed the unconscious belief pattern "Nobody wants to do business with me", my business really took off. My sales have multiplied.”

Hans L. IT-Verkäufer

“Although life is still a rollercoaster, my depression has disappeared since receiving PSYCH-K® Coaching. My inner condition is as stable as it has ever been for the past 30 years.”

Christian Z. Devisenhändler



“I have suffered from various foods and pollen allergies since I was young. I then realized that my health problems have much to do with my subconscious beliefs about myself. With Mr. Hunziker’s help and the PSYCH-K® method, I was able to cast away these false beliefs. I now totally free of allergies and I am incredibly thankful for Mr. Hunziker’s work.”

Beat F. Unternehmer

“I continued smoking a week after the treatment, but it made me feel unwell! I currently only smoke one cigarette a day. The addictive spell of smoking is definitely broken now and I feel completely free from the need to smoke. I can now enjoy my daily single cigarette.”

Martin L. Freiberufler