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What separates us from health, freedom, prosperity, self-esteem, functioning relationships, spiritual and worldly success, and the life of one’s own strength are solely our conscious and unconscious belief patterns and convictions..

What we consciously or subconsciously believe determines our reality both inside and out. Just like a fish in the ocean, it is unaware that it is swimming and that its living environment is completely surrounded by water. Humans are usually also unaware that they actually draw their complete field of life through their inner beliefs and convictions. With the help of quantum physics, the teachings of the great spiritual teachers from centuries ago can now be scientifically substantiated and proven.

Thanks to the scientist and author, Bruce Lipton, and the founder of the PSYCH-K® method, Rob Williams, we are now able to empower our inner convictions with positive beliefs with just few simple means.

The very realization that we are able to quickly and easily change our reality consciously is a quantum leap in human evolution. Since we are constantly creating our own reality, it only makes sense to do this as consciously as possible.

PSYCH-K® enables sustainable changes in all areas of life.

  • Prosperity
  • Mental and physical health
  • Personal strength
  • Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Self-confidence
  • Mental pain e.g. losing a loved one
  • Fears (exam nerves, existential anxiety, fear of illness, etc.).

Excerpt from experience reports

My relationship with people has changed entirely. After just one session, I realize that people react and treat me in a completely different way.

Karin S.


I was still not successful even after attending countless sales seminars. Ever since I reprogrammed the unconscious belief pattern “Nobody wants to do business with me”, my business really took off. My sales have multiplied.

Hans L.

IT Salesman

I do not know if it’s a coincidence or not but only a day after I completed the PSYCH-K® concerning my professional situation, I received orders for the first time after months of slack.

Peter W.

Business Owner

Why does my subconscious have such a big impact on my life?
The subconscious mind processes approx. 4’000’000 Bytes per second, the conscious mind approx. 4000. If we subconsciously think negatively of ourselves, the conscious mind has no chance override these negative thoughts with its positive thoughts.

How is our unconscious mind programmed?
Our subconsciousness is formed unconsciously, mostly through negative experiences associated with shock, trauma, etc. Our deepest and strongest unconscious programming occurs during our childhood.

What becomes a negative subconscious character?
These are usually very simple, but life-imprinting negative thoughts such as “I’m not good enough; nobody loves me; I cannot do this; I am always alone; I do not deserve to be happy; everything makes no sense; I’m not loveable.” etc.

How do such imprints / beliefs affect our life?
First and foremost, they block us from being happy, healthy and successful. This can naturally affect any situation in life: relationships with other people, oneself or our success at work. Above all, negative belief patterns leads us to encounter situations that make us feel unhappy or unfulfilling.

Why do we do things that don’t make us happy?
We unconsciously assume that we know what is best for ourselves and therefore, we are stubborn about it. In other words, we constantly take place in activities, look for partners or jobs that give us proofs that we are always right. We attract situations that confirm our beliefs and imprints.

Why have I never heard of PSYCH-K® method?
Every person gets the information that is most needed during that certain period of his life. There are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason. Once you are aware that the healing power is in you and not in an expensive drug, you then “happen” to stumble across information such as this information on our web site.

How many sessions are needed to make a lasting difference?

This cannot be easily predicted. Some may only need one session, others might require several sessions in order to see the difference. The treatment for exam nerves is relatively simple, however, solving a deeply rooted trauma, which has already affected one physically and mentally, can sometimes be a bit more complicated. Nonetheless, PSYCH-K® simply opens the door to the chance to recovery from various health problems. Especially when scientifically recognized therapies or treatments fail, PSYCH-K® can be a valuable support.

Do you want to know what your subconscious mind thinks of you?

Contact us for a PSYCH-K® session. You will not be disappointed!

Experience Reports