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Salt Healer Short Seminar – The Way To A New Age

Do you want get to know Salt Healing? The fee is CHF 250.-, which will be refunded to you if you sign up for the other Salt Healer courses at a future date. Even if you do not sign up for further courses, you have not wasted your money, for you have invested it in a seminar that gives you access to healing that you can make use of throughout your life.

“I learned more and was opened to many more possibilities in just short 4 hours compared to some other multi-day seminars.”

Peter K.

“I always thought that healing was hard. Saluman has proved me completely wrong through this Short Seminar.”

Esther B.

“The fact that a mere 4 hours could open so many opportunities for me to be able to do so much good for myself, my dear ones and my surroundings proved how powerful we humans actually are.”

Ruth P.

“Wow, that was really cool!”

Renate L.

I can promise you the following:

  • After this short seminar, you will be able to energize objects like stones, water, food, detergents and much more, within seconds with Christ Salt.
  • You can accelerate and support self-healing in humans and animals. This works on a physical and psychological level.
  • You have access to the information from the quantum field for everything you do with the salts.
  • If you are a therapist, you can combine and optimize your techniques and methods with the Christ Salt.

• You will have fun and you will be amazed by the simplicity of Salt Healing.

I had so much energy after these 4 hours, I would never have thought possible in my life. Monika S. (71-year-old woman from Zurich)

I want information about the seminars and dates

Danke, dass Du dich für die Salzheilerausbildungen interessierst. Du erhälst in Zukunft Informationen über unsere Seminare und Vorträge.

Check the event calendar for the dates of the next short seminar.
If you do not find a date that fits you, but you wish to attend the short seminar, please contact us via the contact form. We can also give short seminars outside of Switzerland upon request. (In French or English as well)

Duration of the seminar is about 4 hours.
Fee: CHF 250.- approx. EUR 200
You can register via contact form