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Salveda AG AG Salt Healer Seminars and Trainings

Salts are light bearers. The salt energies, which Salt Healers work with, help the mind and body to resonate on their own, harmonious balance again.

The creative power that creates our everyday life is also light, which origins lies in our soul, takes its path through the filter of our faith to manifest itself into what we have come know as reality.

The light of the salts is a heavenly gift that harmonizes our path on earth with what we really are: the expression of God – children of divine creation – one with all living being.

Experience Speech of a Salt Healer


Saluman will lead you, with his natural and free spirit, into the world of energetic healing salts.

Beginning with facts and myths of conventional salts, he lets you immerse in the immediately noticeable healing effect of energetic salts. You get a real salt spa access that is available for you immediately. The 1.5 hours are diverse, instructive and worthwhile for all those who are open to exploring new ideas or interested in salt healing. Since this presentation is not intended as a sales event for the Salt Healer trainings, the contents and possibilities of the training courses are based solely on the request of the participants in the subsequent Q & A section.

Fee: CHF 25.00

Tip! Since this lecture is highly instructive and enjoyable for all participants, it is suitable as a training course in your organization or company. The content of the lecture can also be fitted to a current topic of your wish.

Salt Healing Orientation Day


  • What are salts and why are they so important to us?
  • The basics of the Chakras: perception of the Chakras and their characters
  • Training of inner awareness
  • Training of perception through the hands
  • Gaining access to a healing salt
  • Training with healing salt

Fee: CHF 350.00

If it’s your first time to experience energy work, this introductory day will help you to get to know the healing power of the salt and is also a prerequisite for the basic training.

Short Seminar of Salt Healing


  • Thorough cleansing of all chakras and subtle energy bodies
  • Access to one’s own potentials that have not yet been discovered
  • Various salt healer accesses
  • Different exercises and application techniques
  • Connection to the primordial light
  • Find your lifestyle aspirations and the creation of the circumstances that make this possible

Fee: CHF 250.00 (approx. 4 hours seminar)

Ob du nun schon Erfahrung mit Energiearbeit hast oder nicht, ist nicht so wichtig. Das Kurzseminar ist auf jeden Fall genau das Richtige für dich um die Salzheilung kennenzulernen.

Salt Healer 1 Basic Training

The basic training is mainly meant to give you a taste of being a salt healer. You will gain all the accesses and knowledge necessary to professionally work as a salt healer.


  • Energetic cleansing of all bodies (physical, astral, emotional, mental, causal)
  • Energetic cleansing of the 7 main chakras
  • Dissolving old ties (curses, imprecation, promises, astral dependencies, etc.)
  • Dissolving karmic patterns and linkage
  • Dissolving false belief and behavior patterns
  • Personal solving of blockages, negative programming, implants, etc.
  • Initiation into a whole new consciousness of creation
  • Access to your own salt healing potentials
  • Access to the level of salt healers’ laws
  • Initiations in many different salt healer approaches
  • Access to the Akasha Chronicle of the Salt Healer Temple
  • Treatment of humans, animals, plants and the environment
  • Production of salt healing products
  • Energetic modification of everyday products, i.e. the elimination of harmful information from    food, detergents and many other products
  • Working with special salt healer mantras
  • Working with energy stencils
  • Energetic cleansing of auras, rooms, landscapes
  • Training in energy conservation
  • Manifesting energy of stones, plants, metals and combine them with salt energies
  • Programming of energy
  • Work with supportive levels of the Creator of the spiritual world
  • Use information from quantum fields to activate self-healing effects for you and others
  • Integrate and apply salts for landscape and municipality healing
  • To deal and work with Helpers
  • (This overview is far from exhaustive)

Fee: CHF 4.350,00 Participants of the Short Seminar pay CHF 4100.-

Duration: 6 days (daily 10:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 18:00)

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Salt Healer 2

This Salt Healer 2 course serves to deepen the knowledge and, above all, to salvage your own healing knowledge.


This training is much less structured than the basic training. This time, it is all about you and your own healing knowledge. You will bring your own healing knowledge to the earth and dive so deeply into this knowledge than you have ever done before. You now will appear in your entire splendor and potential on this earth.

These 4-days will challenge you, show you where you stand in the present and where you ought to go. The 4-days that will change your life. It will no longer be possible for you to hide away, for your qualities will shine so brightly, that they will be perceivable for everyone.

An Akasha Reading is included with the Salt Healer 2 course (value of CHF 500.-). You will receive this Reading a few days before the start of the seminar.

Fee: CHF 2.500 (Only for participants from basic education)

Duration: 4 days (daily 10:00 – 13:00 & 15:00 – 18:00)

This course is only for participants who completed basic education. If you have completed a salt healing training with another instructor, further clarification is necessary to decide if you can participate in this training. In this case please do contact us.

Salt Healer 3 – Your Personal Training

If you are willing to give salt-healing seminars or salt-healing courses tailored to you and your abilities in the future, the Salt Healer 3 offers you the possibility to do so. Based on the fundamental knowledge you have gained during the Salt Healer I & II, we will help you discover trainings or seminars fitted to you from the Akasha Chronic.

The procedure is as follows:

We will do a free Akasha shortreading for you. You will then learn about the spiritual world and what it holds in store for you. This Reading is our free offer to you.

The Reading contains:

  • Types and goals of the training or the seminar with a brief description.
  • The price for the training / seminars. This price includes all the accesses you need and, if necessary, further training as well.
  •  A recommended fee, to give you an idea how much you can charge at your own future training or seminar, per participant.

If you decide to take the training / seminar, we will read the whole training or seminar concept from the Akasha Chronic and record it on CD for you. After you have listened and copied the CDs, we arrange an appointment so that we can give you the appropriate access and, if necessary, the appropriate training.

Duration & costs will be offered privately

From my experience, passing on my salt healing training is just as healing for me as for the participants because I get to contribute to others through my seminars and trainings.

“There is nothing that makes me happier than to lead people towards their greatest strength.” Saluman

Salt Healer 1 Update


The contents of the Update are usually determined relatively quickly. They are always tailored to solve the current needs and issues of the participants in the best way possible. In addition to new approaches and techniques, the focus is on current issues of the time.

1 Day CHF 350.- Duration: 10:00 – 13:00  & 15:00 – 18:00 (Takes place once an year)

Salt Healer 2 Retreat


The contents of the Retreat are determined quickly, like the Update. However, the main focus here is always on the life of one’s own light, healing knowledge and potential. You receive the necessary knowledge, techniques, approaches or whatever you need for you to become even more yourself.

1 Day CHF 350.- Duration: 10:00 – 13:00  & 15:00 – 18:00 (Takes place once an year)

If you participate in both Update and Retreat, you only pay CHF 600.- for the two events