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What Is A Salt Healer?

Basically, salt healing is a kind of spiritual healing which could also be described as quantum healing.

There is an equivalent for all that exists in the spiritual world and the physical world. As it has been known for centuries, salts have a very special effect on the human body and its well-being. Asthmatics are still being brought into salt mines today, because the salt-soaked air in such mines has proved to have an extremely positive effect on the lungs.

A Salt Healer can manifest the energy of salts and activate healing powers without actual physical salts. It is possible for the Healer to combine any kind of energy with those of the salts.

Salt energies cause, inter alia, the self-healing processes to accelerate enormously. A treatment with salt energies is performed most of the time without any direct contact.
Although we do not currently offer this training, energies can, of course, also be transmitted to the body via touch. This occurs, for example, when a trained physiotherapist or masseur performs the massages with salt energy. By doing this, the effect of the massage will be greatly improved.
Salt Healers are also building, remote, landscape and municipality healers. They can change the energy of any everyday product, i.e. food, detergents, clothes, etc. according to their needs. Many foods contain additives that are harmful to our bodies. The salt healer removes these additives energetically from the food and replaces them with positive energy. The results are astonishing and can be verified any time by taking a kinesiologic test.
In order to really understand what potential and possibilities a Salt Healer really has, one would have to understand quantum physics. A quantum physicist would immediately understand what happens when a Salt Healer performs the healing. However, we will not be exploring the laws of quantum physics here on this website.