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What Are Energetic Salts

The subtle energetic salts belong to the basic building blocks of life. They can be understood as a link between matter and light, enabling one to be able to recall his light through the energy of salts.
The salt energies have an incredible healing potential. Diseases are always the result of blocked energy. Energies are blocked by fear, wrong thoughts, trauma, etc. However, nothing and no one can block the power of the energetic salts. Thus, practically any blockage can be resolved by a salt treatment.

The possibilities of the salts are so vast and wide-ranging that only a small percentage of their potential was investigated up to the present day. New possibilities and aspects will open to everyone who decides to become a salt healer. Every sphere of life can benefit from these salt energies as the potential of the salts is virtually unlimited.
The following points are only a fraction of what can be achieved with the salts.

  • Heal energy blockage, stagnation, cramps, which we know as physical discomfort or pain.
  • Produce homeopathic remedies
  • Accelerate self-healing processes
  • Remove chronic pain
  • Revitalize tired tissues or organs
  • Anti-stress treatment of a stressful situation that recurs frequently, for example: “I get stressed every time I have to talk to people.” or “I get stressed every time I drive a car.”
  • Derive psychosomatic problems
  • Power to fulfill a task / wish or a goal (language becomes power)
  • Bring clarity to an issue
  • Eliminate tooth pain (often caused by metal)
  • Addiction treatment (alcohol, nicotine, drugs, chocolate, etc.); dissolve physical chemical addictions
  • Aura treatment: bring a non-existing or oppressed talent, quality or potential into the view
  • Discovery of closed aspects at all realms, especially abilities and potentials from one’s past
  • Neutralize interferences in houses, gardens and landscapes
    • and much more …